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Accessibility and Transparency

You are bound to have questions and concerns that arise from time to time.  Your candidate promises to be accessible and listen to your needs.  Your candidate also believes in transparency of government, which is why Chris Bruns will provide transparency to the issues that affect you and his position on them via social media and continuous communication with local media.

  • Published contact info, and a commitment to respond
  • Strong social and local media presence for complete transparency  


Protect the Taxpayers

Your money is hard earned and the taxes you pay should be as minimal as possible.  Chris believes in limited, efficient, and effective government.  As your County Commissioner, he will use a commonsense, business-minded approach and work hard to control spending and reduce taxes.

  • Provide county departments with the resources to get the job done effectively
  • Ensure that all departments create efficiencies and cut out the waste
  • Fight to lower taxes


Grow Lincoln County

Your community is worth investing in.  Over the past several decades population growth has stagnated, businesses have left, major employers leave a lot of uncertainty, and all the while, the county's 1,600+ miles of roads and other infrastructure have aged.  Something needs to change—you and your neighbors deserve better!  Chris will bring a fresh set of ideas and work to make wise investments toward the growth of Lincoln County!

  • Strengthen partnerships with Nebraska Department of Economic Development and all Lincoln County cities, towns, and villages, as well as our local development corporations
  • Champion new industry and business development in with a concerted emphasis on creation of high wage earning jobs
  • Encourage expansion of existing local businesses
  • Foster programs for skills training of the workforce


Safe Communities

Your candidate believes that every citizen across the county deserves to live in a protected environment.  As a military veteran, Chris is a staunch defender of the 2nd Amendment and a huge supporter of law enforcement personnel and first responders.  As your County Commissioner, he will tirelessly strive to provide for safer communities.

  • Promote continued partnership between the Lincoln County Sheriff's Office and the NPPD and Nebraska State Patrol
  • Provide adequate resources to fight crime, reduce recidivism and increase training for law enforcement personnel


Improved Roads and Infrastructure

Over 1,600 miles of roads and 53 county owned bridges requires a lot of resources.  The men and women of the Department of Roads are working hard and have a plan for maintenance, but improvements can be made.

  • Ensure that road materials and construction methods are effective to reduce maintenance over long run
  • Ensure that the Department of Roads has the needed resources and that maintenance is timely and done correctly
  • Work with County Highway Superintendent to address recurring issues county residents face in a timely manner

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